AtoZ of Mental Health: Navigating Elderly Mental Health With Expert

Mind BodyBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamNov 15, 2023

Our brain and mind function jointly which is a complex functioning. It can be considered similar to how hardware and software are interrelated. With age, our brain also undergoes ageing that puts us at risk of elderly mental health issues. The most common examples are Alzheimer's and Dementia that majorly progress in older adults. To know about mental health in elders, watch this video where Dr Nimesh G Desai, Senior Consultant Psychiatrist & Former Director IHBAS Delhi explains everything in detail.

According to Dr Desai, in order to understand the mental health of older adults, we need to understand their social context and mentality first. In most cases, physical and mental changes are normal after the age 60. For example, tasks like doing household chores, driving, indulging in physical activities that are easily performed during adulthood become a cumbersome task as we grow old. This shows that our brain and body are ageing and thus, affecting our stamina and cognitive functions. This is why experiencing mental health problems is a gradual progression in older adults. While some experience minor changes, some suffer from chronic mental illnesses where they may start to forget people who they once loved and lived with.

While mental health problems can be prevented by doing brain strengthening exercises, you cannot escape them. Family members are required to extend their maximal support and be responsible caregivers to elderly whether or not dealing with a mental illness. All they need is love, support, care and medical assistance whenever required.

Watch the video for more details.