Pregnancy Diet & Exercise

During pregnancy, a woman has to take care of both herself and the baby in her womb. Just like how nutrition and exercise play important roles in overall health and wellness, diet and exercise during pregnancy are also crucial. However, if there are any complications in the pregnancy, the doctor may advise bed rest, depending on the severity of the case. Generally, doctors advise women to stay active during pregnancy for better chances of normal or vaginal delivery. In this section, we will cover everything about diet and exercise for pregnant women.

Diet In Pregnancy

Eating a nutritious and balanced diet is very important. Right nutrition would help women to get all the necessary nutrients for baby’s development. Doctors may additionally prescribe multivitamins and supplements of iron, folic acid, calcium, etc., that play an important role in pregnancy well-being. Consumption of protein, calcium, and fibre-rich diet is very important to ward off deficiencies and health issues. Here are some nutrients and their sources that are a must in pregnancy diet:

  • Acid - This B vitamin helps in brain and neural developments of the baby. It also reduces the risk of premature birth. Best sources are citrus fruits, green and leafy vegetables, lentils, dried beans, and peanuts.
  • Calcium- For stronger bones, teeth, and a healthy muscular system. Consume dairy products, broccoli, kale, fruits, and cereals.
  • Iron- Anaemia during pregnancy is very common. It is important to increase iron intake to increase blood production and allow proper oxygen supply to the baby. Eat poultry, red meat, fish and beans.

Exercise During Pregnancy

Physical activity is important to regulate weight gain during pregnancy. It also helps to make your body flexible and prepare for delivery. The intensity of exercises vary according to medical condition and trimester. As you progress, you need to do light exercises like yoga, meditation and walking. It is always better to consult your doctor about safe exercises for you and practice under an expert’s supervision only to prevent any mishappening