Our Experts

What makes information trustworthy and credible? The source it is coming from and whether or not it is verified by an expert. These things matter as trillions of articles are floating on the web and only some of them have the right information. Other pieces are just click bait to capture your eye and get your views. Lack of credibility and authenticity is a major concern these days. While we have the freedom to write anything, it should be in the public interest, or else it is of no use. Money making may be a business for others but OnlyMyHealth is all about its readers and their safety. We believe that only true information should reach you and therefore we do extensive research before delivering any write up. You read and you believe us. Your faith is of utmost importance to us and therefore we ensure to provide you with only the best and reliable information with verified facts and figures.
Keeping that in mind, we have experts on board holding expertise in different fields be it diet & nutrition, heart health, Ayurveda, beauty, grooming, psychological health, aromatherapy, Vastu, to name but a few. These not only keep a tab on the articles that go up on the website but also share their writings with us that we publish with their byline. The credibility of the article and the information shared in that doubles up when the experts write themselves. Besides, our team consult with them on the topics and get their consent before publishing to prevent any wrong information going on the website. As already mentioned, your health and wellness is our priority. We work towards securing your health in any and every possible way we can.