Children Health

During the development phase of the child, it is essential to map the mental, physical and social well-being of the child by following all health and wellness parameters. There are several diseases and health challenges that can surface at an early age and can have several long-lasting repercussions. Most parents are abreast with the need of keeping the child’s health intact by offering them the right food, ensuring a sound mind and understanding the various health hazards. Apart from rendering the proper health care, it is essential to take your child for regular health checkups and make your child understand the need for staying healthy by inculcating healthy habits. 

There are several childhood diseases including infectious & non-infectious and while some are common, many are lesser-known to new parents. Vaccination helps in warding off the risk of chronic childhood illnesses that may show up in adulthood as well. 


It is not possible to list out all the causes of various diseases in children but the common reason why children fall prey to diseases is their developing immune system. Unlike adults, kids’ immune system is in the developing stage and the immunologic defenses haven’t been developed in them. N the other hand, the environment also plays a major role as they are an easy carrier of pathogens. Children carry the infection and get diseased. 

Common Childhood Diseases

Common Cold
One of the first illnesses that children can get due to weak immunity is common cold. This mostly occurs during seasonal shifts. The visible symptoms of common cold in children are watery eyes, runny nose, coughing and sneezing. Fever may also come along with these symptoms. If these persist for 2 or more days, you must consult a doctor to get aid.

The respiratory system of kids is not fully developed and this may cause lung infection. Bronchitis or Bronchiolitis is one of the common respiratory conditions in children. They experience breathing issues along with wheezing and producing sound while breathing. Asthma is another popular respiratory illness in kids. Generally, all kids show symptoms of childhood asthma before five years. Around 9 million children are Asthmatic according to reports. If parents see asthma symptoms after five years, they must see a doctor.

Stomach Flu (Gastroenteritis) and Constipation
Not only adults but children too get digestive troubles. The problem is that they are unable to identify the problem. Vomiting, nausea, problem in defecation, watery stools, stomach ache, fever, etc are prominent signs of stomach flu in kids. 

Chickenpox can occur at any age but it is highly common in children. It is identified with fever and red spots on the whole body causing itching & discomfort. Chickenpox usually lasts for a week or maybe longer than that. Rashes gradually develop into blisters that further dry leaving behind chickenpox scars. This is a contagious disease that can spread from one person to another.

Eczema or atopic dermatitis is a kind of skin rash that causes itchy and red skin mostly on the face, arms and behind the knees. This is highly common in children especially if someone in the family has had this condition before. This is a non-infectious condition that is easily treated with medication.


Here are some tips to prevent childhood illnesses:

  • Get the kid immunised timely. Doctors list out important vaccines to be given after birth. These help in shielding the baby against various chronic illnesses such as hepatitis.
  • Teach good hygiene practices to children to prevent getting infections.
  • Give them a nutritious diet full of fibre, protein, calcium and others to promote their growth and development.
  • Make them a time-table allotting proper time for play and sleep.