Baby Names

Naming a child is a dream that parents see right from when they get the good news. Parents-to-be, family members, friends and relatives all suggest new and meaningful and unique names for the baby. Why search multiple platforms when you can get all the possible names with each alphabet in one place? Go through all the sections of baby names to find the most appropriate and suitable name for your bundle of joy. From gender-specific names to gender-neutral names to unique names, you can get everything here.

How to choose a perfect name for your baby?

You wouldn’t want your child to dislike the name that you have given to him/her, right? There are many instances where children express their wish to change their name after a certain age as they don’t find it suitable or it makes them a subject of fun amongst their peers. To avoid this embarrassment in the future, work on the baby name beforehand. Here are some tips to choosing the right baby name:

  • Avoid passing trends- A lot of parents pick a name that is trending. This may be pleasing at that time but would it be equally pleasant after 10-20 years? Parents must ponder the names, their meaning and longevity.
  • Think of classic names- There are several classic names that sound boring but not all of them are bad. Some classic names are forever and you can consider them too.
  • A name that signifies your culture- A lot of people these days are searching for names of other cultures just for uniqueness but a name that belongs to your culture is beautiful. It will help your child imbibe cultural values.
  • Always check for meanings- When someone suggests a name that you absolutely loved, don’t forget to check its meaning. Sometimes, the name or its rhyme is appealing but its meaning is horrifying.
  • Contemplate the possible nicknames- Kids in school are very smart these days. They can easily make horrible nicknames. To avoid that in the future, contemplate all the possible nicknames with the chosen name. This would also help in giving a cute nickname to the baby.

Baby Names for Girls
Naming your beautiful princess is not easy as it seems. You would want to name her after an actress or a goddess or something that reflects her persona as she grows up. It depends on your choices and of course, the letter that the astrologer suggests. We have thousands of baby name options for girls in all alphabets.

Baby Names for Boys
If you are confused on what to name your prince, you must check for the options here. From giving a classic, timeless name to something that is unique and meaningful to naming your boy after an actor or footballer, naming the little lad is very tricky. 

Gender-Neutral Baby Names
Gender-neutral baby names or unisex names are also in trend. You must have come across certain common names of boys and girls. A lot of people get confused about gender after knowing the names. Most people avoid naming gender-neutral names considering the cons associated with them. But there are some amazing recommendations that you must check on our website.

Unique Baby Names
These days, naming a unique name to the child has become a fashion. Everyone wants their baby to have a singular name that makes him stand out from the crowd. People check out names from other cultures to give a distinctive name. If you are looking for something different and eccentric, you should check out unique baby names for all alphabets.