Parenting Tips

Parenting is not just a responsibility but a process to guide and nurture a child. The future of children depends on how they are raised and therefore, good parenting has a major role to play in the overall growth and development of children. From tips for parenting toddlers, tips to strengthen parent-teen relationships, how to raise special need children, everything is covered in this section. You get the best advice from experts to raise a child for intellectual development from infancy to adulthood.

Types of Parenting

Authoritarian Parenting
This kind of parenting is termed disciplinary parenting. Such parents are very disciplined and they want kids to always be in a disciplined manner. They don’t hesitate in punishing the child if required. In this type of parenting, there is only one-way communication as they are not willing to listen to the child’s perspective. Their expectations are high but they aren’t flexible to adjust to the changing environment.

Authoritative Parenting
Authoritative parents are ideal parents as they strive to nurture children without putting any pressure on them or their choices. For everything they say, they have a valid reason or beneficial aspect. They have expectations but they don’t force the kids to follow the same path. They are very encouraging when children wish to pave their path. Such parents strive to build a healthy parent-child relationship.

Permissive Parenting
The other name for this parenting is indulgent parenting. These are cool parents that don’t have high expectations from children other than them being open and honest about everything. They free their kids to do whatever they want and are quite open-minded about the same. They encourage a friendly and transparent relationship with kids. Without setting any rules, they are always supportive of children and their endeavours.

Uninvolved Parenting
Just like the name, such parents have zero interest and contribution to children’s lives. They are least interested in knowing what’s happening in their child’s life. They are not willing to know about the future plans of the child let alone know what he/she is up to at present.

Good Parenting Tips

Here are some tips for parents to set an example of good parenting.

Be a role model to your children
How you behave and portray to your children, they try to imitate the same. Humans are programmed to watch other’s actions and incorporate them into our behaviour. Children learn most things by watching parents and other people. To be a role model to your kid, you must show good, empathetic behaviour. How you present will be followed by the child.

Show them your love and concern
Until you show your love and concern to children, they won’t acknowledge the same. If you love them, show them. But don’t love your child too much or don’t ignore their negative behaviour. Leniency, material-indulgence and over-protection can raise a spoiled child. Just be real and shower real love like spending quality time together, hugging them, taking them to parks and watching cartoons with them.

Practice positive parenting
Giving positive experiences to your child and making only positive talks with them is a part of positive parenting. This not only helps in the better upbringing of the child but he/she also exhibits the same in front of others. Positive parenting promotes better mental growth and brain development in the initial years. During adulthood, positive parenting prevents adults from following the wrong path and strengthen the parent-teen relationship.

Be a responsive parent
When your child comes to you with a problem, respond to them. This assures them that you are always with them no matter what. Except for your child’s individuality and do not force them to become something that they don’t want to. Be warm, generous, caring and responsive to them.