IVF or In vitro Fertilisation is one of the assisted reproductive technologies that is helping couples achieve pregnancy. Considering the rising cases of infertility across the globe, IVF is gaining popularity as the potential treatment to embrace parenthood. For IVF, eggs of the mother and sperm of the father are fertilised in a laboratory. The embryo formed is then implanted into the mother's womb. While IVF is a great option for couples failing to conceive naturally, it doesn't guarantee results in the first attempt.

Some couples may undergo several IVF cycles to conceive and sustain the pregnancy. This is a tedious and time-taking process that can take a toll on physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, particularly in mothers who had to take numerous painful injections during IVF.

Pros and Cons

Couples dealing with fertility problems, same-sex couples, advanced maternal age, low sperm count, genetic conditions, ovarian health issues, etc., can embrace parenthood through IVF.

  • IVF eliminates the risk of genetic problems that may pass on to the baby, if conceived naturally.
  • Success rate of IVF has improved.
  • IVF is a long and time-taking procedure that can impact the overall wellness of the couple.
  • This is an expensive treatment with no guarantee of successful conception in the first cycle.
  • Multiple pregnancy is highly common which also increases the risk of preterm birth and miscarriage.
  • In this section, you can learn about IVF and all the latest news around this topic which can be of great help if you are considering this treatment method to embrace parenthood