Mens Health

Ageing affects every human being and causes a decline in physical and psychological health. Men seem to be most affected by ageing. If we look at the statistics, the average life span of a man is five years less than a woman. Diseases play a very crucial role in deciding the quality and span of life. The reason why men get diseased more is because of their negligence. They put their health last on the list and neglect warning signs & symptoms of approaching disease. This section is all about men’s health and the different health issues they deal with.

Common Men’s Health Problems

Here are some of the health issues that men deal with the most.

1. Sexual health issues
Most me start to lose their sexual abilities with age however that is natural. In some cases, men experience other issues related to their intimate health such as premature ejaculation, delayed or inhibited ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction. These issues are not talked about in the open and the reason why men don’t recover from these is that they shy away from talking about intimate health problems with the specialist.

2. Prostate Cancer
The risk of prostate cancer increases with increasing age and this is why men aged above 50 years are most suffered from this disease. Prostate cancer is one of the hundreds of cancers that occurs in the prostate gland in men. Around one thousand men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year. It is treatable if diagnosed at an early stage. But with lesser or no identifiable symptoms, it is not easy to be diagnosed at the initial levels unless the doctor finds out about it in a routine checkup.

3. Heart Diseases
Heart diseases are also very common in men. In fact, it is accounted as the leading cause of death in men. The common heart issues that men suffer from are angina or acute chest pain due to hindered blood flow to the heart. Abnormal heart rhythm, sudden cardiac arrest and heart attacks are other common heart ailments in men. The risk factors for heart diseases in men are smoking, alcoholism, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or hypertension.

4. Diabetes
Diabetes is another health condition that is highly prevalent in men. Diabetes is caused due to abnormal insulin function that causes a spike in blood sugar. Poor lifestyle and dietary habits are major risk factors for diabetes apart from genetics. Diabetes is a lifelong condition and if it is not controlled properly, it can lead to other severe conditions like diabetic neuropathy, heart attack, stroke, to name but a few.

5. Stroke
Men are often more stressed than women as they do not pay heed to stress-releasing techniques. Because of stress, they also get engage in smoking and alcoholism both of which are catastrophic for health. A brain stroke is, therefore, highly common in men. Stroke is caused when blood supply to the brain is interrupted. Ischemic stroke is a sudden stroke condition where the person experiences stroke symptoms but they improve within a couple of hours. However, this indicates an increased probability of stroke in the future.

6. Male Pattern Baldness
This is not a disease but it is fairly common in men these days. You’d see a lot of men dealing with pattern baldness. A part of their head(usually top of the head) is bald with gradual hair loss on the other parts. This is a treatable condition though with various treatment methods available such as medication, hair patch and hair transplant. Following a good haircare routine from the beginning can prevent this stage unless it is hereditary.