Exercise & Fitness

The two pillars of good physical health and fitness are- diet and exercise. It is difficult to attain fitness if one of them is missing. You need to eat right and exercise regularly to stay fit and healthy. This section talks about different exercises that can help in maintaining a fit and active body. From low-intensity to high-intensity to moderate exercises, all are explained here. Besides, different exercising methods of people according to age groups is also provided to help them in every way possible. 


Why is exercising important? A lot of people do not know the answer to this question as they believe exercising is only for weight loss aspirants or bodybuilders. There are numerous health benefits of regular exercising that you must know about.

Exercise for weight management
To manage your weight, exercising can help. Some exercises can help in preventing excess weight gain and shed the extra pounds that you have gained. Engaging in physical activities burn calories that allows unnecessary fat burn. You can simply walk or jog or run to burn calories and stay fit.

Exercising for energy boost
If you think that exercising would drain all your energy, you are wrong. It, in fact, helps in boosting energy levels. When you exercise, oxygen flow in the body improves which helps in better blood circulation and supplying nutrients to the body. Your lungs and heart become more efficient at that time. 

Exercising prevents diseases
If you don’t want to develop any disease, you must remain physically active. A lot of crucial health parameters such as blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, etc. can be controlled with exercises and this is why doctors put a lot of emphasis on daily physical activity. High blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, cancer, cognitive ailments, to name but a few.

Exercising uplifts mood
A lot of people hit the gym when they are feeling gloomy or when they are in a stressed mood. The reason behind this is that exercising boosts blood flow that reaches the brain and stimulates happy chemicals. You’ll feel more relaxed and less anxious after a workout. 

Exercising promotes sound sleep
If you are unable to sleep at night, exercise. Exercising is found to help fall asleep faster. Besides, it will also treat insomnia condition in the long run.

Types of Exercises For Fitness

There are four types of exercises that one can do for different purposes.

Aerobic Exercise
These are also known as endurance exercises. These aim at increasing heart rate and breathing. These are the two main components of all fitness regimens. Aerobic exercises are easy but highly effective as they boost the circulatory system. The best aerobic exercises are brisk walking, jogging, dancing, cycling, climbing the stairs, swimming, gardening, playing badminton or tennis, to name but a few. You can do whatever you feel like but just be regular. 

Strength exercises
Strength exercises focus on strengthening bones and muscles. These are beneficial in preventing age-related physical strength degeneration. It builds strength to help you do household chores like lifting heavy grocery bags, etc. The best way to do strength training is lifting heavy weights, using resistance bands and resistance machines for exercising.

Flexible people are considered healthy people. Flexibility exercises promote a wide range of motion and keep the body limber. Doing flexibility exercises can help in preventing arthritis or improve the symptoms in arthritis patients. You must do stretching to improve flexibility. In addition to this, there are numerous yoga asanas that aim at increasing flexibility.

Balance exercises
Lastly, balance exercises are meant to better body balance and posture. Particularly, older people must perform these to prevent ageing effects and strengthen the core. To improve balancing, start doing tai chi poses, heel-to-toe walking or standing at one foot. Eventually, you’ll see improvement.