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What Medication Do You Take Most Often? 2

Sudafedrine is the medication I use most often. It is fantastic because it alleves most symptoms related to the common cold. Sudafed clears congestion, reduces fatigue, and alleviates headaches. The drug has maximal effect for about 4-6 hours. I have never tried another decongestant in the past. Sudafed is great if you have to work with a cold. It takes your mind of your illness and gives you a little energy to keep going. While there are risks to using sudafed, when used as directed for short periods of time it is a fantastic medication. You should talk to your doctor before using sudafed as there are rare complications which can affect your heart.


The medication I take most frequently is lisinopril, to lower blood pressure. I was amazed to develop this condition because for 30 years my blood pressure was low whenever it was checked and doctors seemed to be worried about that. The first medicine my doctor prescribed was way too expensive. I did not have prescription coverage at the time, so I researched the costs, discovered lisinopril was the cheapest AND available in Canada (my salvation for a long time).My doctor gave me the new prescription and it turned out to be MORE effective than the first choice (lower dose needed to treat my condition). I discovered that physicians have no clue what each medicine costs. They usually give you a sample of something, and if it works, that is what they prescribe for you. But that can cost you a fortune and it is very well worth it to do your own sleuthing before you accept a drug for a condition that has many alternative treatments.


I get headaches quite often and they usually last a few hours if I don’t take Tylenol. I used to use Motrin, but they never seemed to work as long or fast as Tylenol has for me. I once had a big headache and was not sure what to use, Tylenol or Motrin, because my mom said Motrin would be better, but I believe Tylenol would be. So I decided to take one Motrin and one Tylenol. It was quite interesting, but I honestly would not recommend it. They were no fast results and it did not last for very long.


I generally try to avoid medications of any sort, however, there are certain times during the summer when my allergies are unbearable. There have been times when I cannot stop sneazing or my eyes from
watering. During these times, I use Claritin. It takes a few days to work, but then my allergies are completely cleared up.


I use Excedrin Migraine just about everyday. Headaches that just wont go away. Once I get them they can last hours unless treated. I have tried other medication however none seemed to have worked.


I suffer from multiplexsclerosis for 13 years. I use vitamin B, C, E, Neurontin 300mg and Rivotril 1mg everyday. I didn’t try other medications because i don’t have money for anything else. 2 year ago i
got vertigo effect from using Neurontin which i use now. Later was found that exp. date was long overdue! Currently my legs are numb because of my illness.


I have a really high cholesterol since four years ago. Well, I love to eat and I’ve been really busy with work so most of the time I eat out or just eat fast food. I’m only 10 lbs overweight so it’s no big deal.
I thought I was pretty healthy until I had my blood check and turned out I had a really high cholesterol. I’ve been taking lipitor everyday and also fish oil and grape seeds tablets. They reaaly work and my cholesterol went back to normal. But when I stop taking them, it went back up again.. I guess I just have to watch what I eat.


I have hypothyroidism. I use synthroid. I have to take it once a day because each pill substitutes for one days worth of thyroid hormones. I use levoxothyrine before. It is the more generic brand. If I take
too much of my medication at once I feel weird and out of it. It is a hard feeling to explain. The medication is necessary, if I forget to take it then I don’t have thyroid hormones and I am extremely tired and I am not a nice person to be around.

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