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What Medication Do You Take Most Often?

The medicine that I use daily for two times a day is Glucophage (550) also known as Metformin. The reason I use it is not because I am diabetic but because I suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Metformin is proving to be the best medicine in my case to control the Syndromes side effects like late or menstrual cycle, facial hair and weight gain. After years of struggling with these side effects I have finally become comfortable with the use of Glucophage, since the condition is life long I am happy that I have finally found something that I can rely on and works. PCOS is also a common cause of infertility in woman; this medicine helps in ovulation.


Many a times i have headache…due to intense work pressure and long working hours… to heal this headache…i mostly take disprin….this medicine is very light and has got no side effects….it corrects the headache within 15 minutes of intake…also it is taken 2 tablets simultaneously and that too by dissolving in water….have not tried any other medication for headache for a very long time….as this cures very fast.


I try not to use any commercially made medication so when I have a cold or slight flu i just drink straight up pure lemon juice, not even with sugar or water to make it less strong. Then just before I go to bed I drink a glass of milk. Next day I’m usually better…mind over matter also helps.

I take over-the-counter Claritin daily (Clarinex before I graduated college and my health insurance ran out!) to control my seasonal and dust/mold allergies. It’s a 24-hour dose that tends to last until midway through the night (if taken in the morning). I’ll admit that the Clarinex (available via prescription) worked better, but the cost is too much for my current financial position. I’ve taken the Claritin since middle school – I’m allergic to tons of pollens, and grew up in a nature reserve (!)….consequently, my immune system took quite a beating when I was a kid – I used to get throat infections every month or so. When I went on Claritin (which was available via prescription back in the day), that ended almost immediately. My body grew immune to the Claritin and I moved up to Clarinex, which I continued on through college. I’ve since moved back to Claritin, and now that I live in a city, my allergies are significantly less intense and much easier to control, with either over-the-counter Claritin or the generic brand of 24-hour allergy medication.

I have bipolar disorder so I take Celexa for it. I used to take Paxil, but I gained about 40 pounds from it and finally decided to change medications. I have been on Celexa for only 2 months so I am not sure if it will be long term yet or not. So far it has worked great.


I suffer from severe panic/anxiety attacks. I have been taking Effexor for over 3 years now. I take 150mg everyday in the morning. I have tried other medications in the past such as prozac, zoloft, wellbutrin, etc. but they just didn’t help me. I needed the extra serotonin for my condition.

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