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Try Various Ways to Manage Arthritis Pain

The physical limitations that arthritis sufferers experience can produce frustration. If you are like some people who avoid trying new things and quit going out because of fear of a flare up, you can feel more in control by exploring all the possible help that’s available to ease its effects.

Most arthritis sufferers don’t experience pain in their inflamed joints all the time. However, flare-ups can be very painful and upsetting. Your doctor has probably prescribed some arthritis medications to help with your condition. There is more you can do though.

Various therapies can complement your doctor’s treatment. Possible alternative therapies include relaxation techniques, massage, acupuncture and meditation. Though you should consult your doctor before starting any therapy, many people have found that such techniques are useful in coping with arthritis.

Learning to live with arthritis has a lot to do with making changes to the way you do things. You will want to put the least amount of stress on your joints as possible, but this doesn’t mean that you have to retreat from your daily activities. You may want to consider discussing options with an occupational therapist. The therapist can help you devise ways to get the necessary tasks of day-to-day life completed, but in a way that isn’t harmful to your joints.

While those newly diagnosed with arthritis may be reluctant to allow others to know about their condition, secrecy isn’t a good idea. By sharing your new situation with those who are close to you, you will be able to get the support and help that may be necessary at times.

Your doctor has probably set you up with an exercise program to increase or maintain your physical fitness. Many people diagnosed with arthritis actually decrease the amount of time they spend exercising, or even stop altogether. Protecting their joints and preventing painful flare-ups is the main reason people stop exercising. However, exercise is extremely good for your joints. It helps to keep them healthy and mobile.

Quitting is a serious mistake. Instead of stopping exercising, you may need to adjust your routine somewhat. It would be wise to talk to a physiotherapist if you have concerns that your routine is doing more harm than good. You will discover the kinds of exercises that are beneficial and safe for your joints. And you will be encouraged to do a variety of exercises that will work all of your body’s muscle groups.

Feelings of depression may accompany a diagnosis of arthritis. Knowing that a chronic illness means a permanent change to lifestyle can be extremely upsetting. Sometimes adjustment to the new situation is merely a matter of time, but it might be useful to see a therapist about ways to deal with your emotions in a more positive way.

Although arthritis is a challenging disease, your success at living the best you can with it largely depends on the efforts you are prepared to make in preventing and alleviating pain. Help is available to get you started on a more productive lifestyle. Just reach out and take it.

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