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Try This Deep Red “Apple” Juice

A “seedless apple” a day may help prevent prostate cancer. More specifically, 8 to 16 ounces of pomegranate juice, taken on a daily basis, provides the body with cancer-fighting antioxidants.

For more then 25 centuries the pomegranate, a fruit with a Latin name that means “seedless apple,” has symbolized a natural source of potent medical powers. Certain Biblical passages refer to the pomegranate as a “gift from God.”

In the 21st Century, the public’s search for more and more foods that will naturally help the body to fight-off cancers, the high antioxidant content of the pomegranate has suggested that this fruit offers extra help in preventing certain malignancies.

But before doctors can safely recommend the addition of pomegranate juice to the diet over a prolonged period, researchers need to conduct clinical tests. On Monday, August 8, 2005 the Los Angeles Times reported that lab and animal experiments supported use of pomegranate juice as a way to prevent prostate cancer. In July of 2005 the Journal of Urology had presented evidence that pomegranate juice offers a valid treatment for erectile dysfunction.

The limited number of clinical trials in which researchers have chose to focus on the effects of pomegranate juice have not included a study of the ability of pomegranate juice to prevent prostate cancer. Users of pomegranate juice must also remember that the safety and effectiveness of dietary supplements is not normally tested as thoroughly as recognized are recognized medications.

Still, the fact that pomegranates have been enjoyed for centuries suggests that men over 50, and African American men over 40, would benefit from an increased intake of pomegranate juice.

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