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Sex After Cancer

Surviving cancer can give you a new lease on life. But what about that satisfaction which men have thrived on since the beginning of time?

What about sex after cancer? Sex and intimacy are a part of life. A part which may not necessarily have to go away.

Naturally, your body will require recovery from the cancer and treatments. Sometimes cancer or treatment can cause erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Speak to your doctor regarding your recovery and sex. Don’t be shy to ask questions or find solutions.

For some sex is hindered psychologically. Be patient with yourself. Accept the changes in your body and appearance. Concentrate on your good qualities and stay positive about yourself as a person. Keep your mood light and find the positive and sometimes humorous aspect of things.

Some find it best to slowly resume sexual activity. If you aren’t quite ready, ease slowly back into it. As in the early days of dating, romance your partner. Get out the candles and music, dim the lights and create a romantic atmosphere. Simply touching or kissing can provide a sense of comfort and closeness. Often intimacy even without the act of intercourse is gratifying.

Talk to your partner. Explore new ways of sharing sexual pleasure. Express what feels good to you and enjoy pleasuring your partner. Also as in the early days, you may just need to learn what works best for you along the way. Take your time and remember, getting there is half the fun.

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