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Obesity Facts

Obesity is a disease which is chronic and serious which can reduce life span, increase disability and may lead to many serious diseases in future. The probable future diseases in future include diabetes, heart disease and strokes.

It is a complex disease which develops from an interaction of the environment and the genotype. Human understanding of how and why obesity develops is still in nascent stage but our understanding of what could happen because of obesity is clear. So, it would better for someone to get over obesity if he is to remain healthy.

The following are the obesity or overweight related health hazards:

* Hypertension
* Dyslipidemia
* Diabetes
* Coronary heart disease
* Stroke
* Gallbladder disease
* Osteoarthritis
* Sleep apnea
* Respiratory problems
* Endometrial cancer
* Breast cancer
* Prostate cancer
* Colon cancer

The detectable signs and symptoms related to obesity include:

* an excess accumulation of fat or adipose tissue
* increase in the size or number of fat cells
* insulin resistance
* increased glucose levels
* increased blood pressure
* elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels
* decreased levels of high-density lipoprotein and norepinephrine
* Shortness of breath and back pain etc.

In case you need more information on obesity facts do not shy away from doing some research whenever possible.

Treatment of obesity is possible through diet pills. If you are an obese and want to learn how to curb overweight then check out our obesity treatment section

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