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Male Flu and Female Flu

Influenza or flu is caused by a virus. The virus enters body cells and changes the DNA in there to include its own DNA code. When the cells reproduce the virus reproduces too. Eventually the body recognizes the DNA altered cells as being foreign and kills them. When all the altered cells have been reabsorbed you will recover from the flu.

Flu symptoms bear a passing resemblance to a heavy cold in humans, but the symptoms go on to include muscle aches and pains, lack of energy to do the most basic tasks and sometimes chest infections.

It is the chest infections that kill old people and infants who develop influenza. This is why it is recommended that older people should be given a flu vaccine. The vaccine is available each autumn and gives some protection against the current flu virus that year. The vaccine changes each year to cope with the changing DNA of the flu virus, so the vaccine must be re-administered each year for the maximum protection.

There are no drugs that are effective against the illness, you just have to wait until your body’s immune system reabsorbs all the cells containing the viral DNA. Your immune system will do this more quickly if you are in good health generally, and well nourished.

At the end of The Great War, in the winter of 1918/19 there was a particularly nasty strain of flu. This flu virus killed more people than were killed in the fighting, particularly in poor countries like Ireland.

Bird flu, or avian flu, is caused by a virus that affects birds. It can make the jump between species and affect humans. People may catch bird flu from chickens, but rarely pass it on to other people.

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