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Know Your Numbers

We hear it all the time “I don’t know what my cholesterol level is, but my doctor said it was OK.” Well, this is 2009 and it’s important for everyone of us to take more responsibility for our own health; it’s Important to Know Your Numbers.

For instance, some doctors may not take cholesterol seriously and therefore say its “OK” when it’s actually high. In other cases, there may be a mistake made at the office and an “abnormal” result is filed in the “OK” pile. Also, there are different guidelines for cholesterol numbers depending on what other health problems you may have; so what is an “OK” number for one patient may not be “OK” for another.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to find out and write down your numbers. Keep a small notebook where you can write the numbers down year after year. What are the benefits? It helps you focus your attention on the issue; it helps you to see how your numbers change over time depending on the lifestyle choices you are making; it avoids abnormal results being overlooked at the doctors office.

Here are some basic guidelines for normal results; you should know these four numbers, or at least have a record of them in your notebook.

Blood Pressure: <140/85 or <130/80 if you are diabetic.
Fasting Sugar: 6.0 or less
Total Cholesterol: 4.5 or less
LDL Cholesterol: 2.3-2.5 or less

These guidelines are targets for people with heart disease and the numbers may vary depending on what other health problems you may have. Ask your doctor if this applies to you.

So buy your notebook, make a table, and next time you are at your doctor’s office ask for the numbers to write in your table.

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