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By Dr. Earl Conroy

In my 25+ years of working with thyroid patients I have found that Hyperthyroidism is almost always due to the presence of a virus, bacteria, Candida, fungus or fluke in the thyroid tissues. Most frequently it is a herpes virus.

Under certain, and increasingly common conditions, this pathogen will take up residence in your thyroid. Some of the conditions making this possible are a lack of iodine, zinc, B6, selenium, manganese, etc.; or due to mercury from amalgam fillings; or radiation from computers, microwaves, nuclear power plants; damage from medical scans, x-rays or drugs.

Once the pathogen does move into the thyroid tissues the immune system recognizes that the tissues have been infiltrated by the pathogen which changes the instructions to the cellular DNA, as a foreign tissue and makes antibodies to destroy the infected thyroid tissues. This begins a destructive cycle. First the gland upon infection gives off huge amounts of T4.

Medically trained personnel generally try to suppress this excess by various suppressive drugs, RAI or surgery. In the second phase of degeneration, the T4 output is “normal” as the destruction is slowing the production of T4. In the final stages of destruction, the thyroid produces only minimal quantities of T4. Medically trained personnel here prescribe synthetic thyroid….”for the rest of your life.,” as the gland deteriorates possibly beyond repair, due to the infection, antibodies and drug side effects.

Sometimes they vainly try to juggle synthetic T4 and T3 in an attempt to “balance” the hormone output, artificially. What is required from a sane point of view…is to eliminate the pathogenic organism[s] that began the destructive process. Then, once the pathogen has beeen eliminated normal thyroid function can be established by supplying the raw materials the gland requires to make T4 and convert whatever is needed to T3.

This is accomplished through the Thyrodine Protocol, as follows:
1-ImmunoGuard [a natural antibiotic] is taken at 12 drops in a full glass of water 4 x a day, for 7 to 10 days. You then stop taking ImmunoGuard.

2-Intesto-Lin: this is a combination of gut repair biologicals in linseed fiber; take 1 tablespoon in 1/2 glass of apple juice before bed and upon arising. Do this til the container is empty.

3-Lactobacillus-8: this is a combination of 8 powerful bacteria that restore gut flora to normal. Take 3 capsules 1/2 hour after Intesto-Lin, just before bed and upon arising, before Intesto-Lin by 1/2 hour.

4-Thyrodine: then the Thyrodine can restore full thyroid function by supplying the raw materials the thyroid requires to make both T4 and T3 in their proper ratios.

5.Progespray-F: many women suffer from estrogen dominance [PMS, menopausal symptoms, uterine fibroids, breast or ovarian cysts, endometriosis, and ultimately cancer]. Natural progesterone + Thyrodine will balance excess estrogen, if…a biogenic nutritional program is followed, chlorinated or fluoridated water is eliminated, drugs are eliminated, radiation sources ar eliminated or neutralized, blood sugar levels are addressed [see HypoGlyce], and emotional problems are at least recognized and addressed. [see Kava Flora...a new item]. Progespray-F is supplied as a mist for spraying under the tongue for maximum absorption [99%]. It contains adrenal stress herbs, anti-oxidant herbs, vitex agnus castus..a herb that stimulates natural progesterone secretion, coleus forskolii…a herb that encourages heart and thyroid strength and natural progesterone. Take one or two squirts 2 to 4 times a day as needed.

6-To complete the protocol it is suggested that you consider taking Vital Nutrition Plus a superior greens powder that supplies complete nutrition in a pleasant green powder. Take 1 Tablespoon in apple juice before breakfast and before lunch or dinner. This is a complete program for any thyroid dysfunction. RAI, surgery or drugs are almost never a rational consideration.

Best wishes, Earl

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