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Food Enzymes – the Powerful Life Force

Enzymes are “machines” made of protein that make chemical reactions happen rapidly enough to support life. Without enzymes, we die.

Food enzyme supplements can positively affect the entire digestive process. Food enzymes are highly effective at enhancing the digestion of all foods including protein, fat, starch, fiber and lactose (dairy).

Poor or incomplete digestion is caused by:

Poor diet, Overeating, Cooked and processed foods, Stress, Alcoholic beverages, Poor food combinations, Colds and fever, Pregnancy, Improperly chewed food, Emotional distress, Overeating


Elimination of: Heartburn, Stress, Constipation / Loose bowels, Gas, Fatigue after a meal, Colon problems, Headaches, Food allergies and hay fever, Bloating, Over and under-weight problems

1. Enzyme Nutrition, by Dr. Edward Howell
2. Food Enzymes for Health & Longevity, by Viktoras Kulvinskas

What to look for when purchasing Food Enzymes

1. Food Enzymes made from a plant source are superior in their effectiveness to animal derived digestive enzymes such as pepsin, pancreatin, and ox bile.

2. Food enzymes should be labeled in “units of activity”, not by weight. The units of activity are based on the “Food Chemical Codex”, set forth by the National Academy of Sciences.

3. Beware of double and triple strength enzymes. High levels of protease initiate the breaking down of the other enzymes which results in less activity, not more.

4. Many enzymes require specific vitamins and minerals (co-factors) for optimal functioning in the digestive process.

5. Blue-green algae is one of the best foods to supply these essential raw materials.

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