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Snoring and Impotence

Do you snore? Of course you do – nearly everyone snores at least a little. However, if your snoring has reached the point where it’s excessively loud and disturbing others, then it’s time to address the problem as it could very likely be having other adverse effects on your body, including causing impotence. Take heart though, as there are steps you can take to help eliminate snoring and thus lead a fuller and more enjoyable life.

But first, what exactly is snoring? Put in simplest terms, snoring occurs when the breathing passage is partially blocked by the tissues of the upper mouth. During deep sleep, the soft palate, tonsils and uvula relax and thus sag into the airway. Like a kite fluttering in the wind, these tissues vibrate against the sides of the throat and base of the tongue, producing that wonderful noise which has driven more than a few mates mad (or at least into separate bedrooms). (more…)

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