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High Cholesterol and Related Conditions

Cholesterol is a type of lipid, or fat, in the body, the levels of which are checked by blood tests. The results are given as the total blood cholesterol level, and in some cases, this level is broken down further into the different cholesterol types.

The World Health Organisation advises that the ideal level for total blood cholesterol is below 5.2mmol/l. If an individual is told that their cholesterol level is high, it is relative to this figure. This condition is termed hyperlipidaemia.

It is increasingly common to focus on the levels of the different types of cholesterol. Two types of cholesterol are often measured for screening purposes, and these are known as LDL and HDL. The reason for measuring the cholesterol fractions is that it is LDL specifically that has been linked to coronary heart disease (CHD), whereas HDL has been shown to have a protective effect.

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Abnormal cholesterol or its related fats, HDL and LDL, will cause premature heart disease and death. Know about it, treat it, and live longer.

Cholesterol is a type of a soft, fat like substance that acts as a source of fuel for our body and contributes to cell structure and helps to manufacture hormones. It is manufactured by the liver. Did you know that you did not need to eat any cholesterol to survive. Cholesterol can be made from other fats consumed by you.

Cholesterol is in animal foods, such as meat, eggs and dairy products as a natural component. You will also get cholesterol in most yummy desserts. Cholesterol is one of many fats that are in our bodies. There are good and bad forms of cholesterol as well.

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