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Computer Imaging Prior to Cosmetic Surgery

In the past, those who have opted to undergo cosmetic surgery have entered their doctor’s office knowing exactly what they needed or wanted. However, with the expansion of technology, it is not necessary to be so certain. Computer digital imaging offers the choice of knowing which areas of cosmetic surgery will work best for you and what results they will provide. Computer imaging will also enable you to know what to expect after the surgery.

The first step in computer imaging is to take a digital picture of the patient as well as the area in which they desire the cosmetic surgery. This will be copied to a computer software program as you wait. The surgeon will then take that picture and manipulate the different areas where you are considering cosmetic surgery. It will produce an image of the potential results. While you may not see the exact appearance afterward, it can give you a general idea of how your body may change.

Computer imaging is known to be an effective tool for a surgeon to communicate with a patient about their particular cosmetic surgery needs and wishes. Often, patients will go into the office with an preference as to the results they desire. The surgeon can make the patient’s expectations more realistic before the operation has been done or the money spent. This will also give the patient a better idea of what is required. This is especially effective in eliminating the number of people who come out of the surgery surprised by their results.

The drawback to computer imaging is that it is not always exact. When a picture is transferred digitally, slight changes occur. For example, skin pigmentation will often appear lighter or darker on the computer. If you are receiving a skin treatment such as a dermabrasion, pigmentation on the computer will not be thoroughly representative of the results. If bone structure is being altered with cosmetic surgery; computer imaging can not reproduce this. A third factor to consider is your body’s healing ability. Unlike with the digital representation, initially your body will bruise and swell. You may also suffer scarring problems.

Technological programs that surgeons are able to useoffer an additional way to increase the abilities of cosmetic surgery. By examining computerized results, you will get a better idea of the transformation of your looks. While a computer-generated image is not exact, it should give patients a better idea how they will look at the completion of their surgery.

If this technology is important to you before selecting your procedure, you will need to investigate specific surgeons that offer this technology as part of their consultation. Following that, you will be able to better determine which changes you desire to undergo to improve your beauty. You might be surprised as the results that computer imaging can tell you before even having any actual surgery.

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