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Chicken Pox

Is There a Cure for Chicken Pox? – According to recent medical research, there is no cure for chicken pox. The best thing to do when you have the disease is to find out what to do when you have chicken pox.

If you find that you do have chicken pox, you don’t always have to call your doctor unless it is a young child or elderly person. Instead of a cure for chicken pox, there is now a vaccine that can be taken voluntarily and you can get it from your doctor.

If you would like the chicken pox vaccine you should be aware of all the risks, and the doctor should explain all of these. It is recommended for very young children and elderly adults. What to do when you have chicken pox? Well the first thing you should do when you have chicken pox is do what the doctors always recommend. Stay away from people while you are ill as you could spread the disease. Stay in bed, usually for a week.

Don’t scratch too much. If it is really itchy then put on some cream, you can ask the doctor about specific ones to use. Some people are given vitamins or other forms of medication while having chicken pox. These are not a cure for chicken pox but merely a way to help control the itching, fever and other symptoms of the disease.

Even if you have had chicken pox, you can get it again later in life. Some people have been known to get chicken pox twice in their life. Sometimes the first case is a mild one and the later one a worse one. It is a good idea that if you have had chicken pox when you were really young to get a vaccination.

The vaccination is not a cure for chicken pox so if you think you already have chicken pox talk to your doctor and tell him or her.

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