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Cancer Recovery

Recovering from cancer is a beautiful victory. However, it is also the beginning of a new phase in your life. As you move ahead in recovery, you may feel depleted of energy. Don’t push yourself or expect to jump right back into once routine activities. Allow yourself time to readjust. You will need to get to know your body and to watch for signs of reoccurance or new cancer developments.

Help your body. Eat well balanced meals to give you more energy as well as help build up cancer fighting immunities. Try to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables, water, and whole grains. Light exercise should be considered but only under your doctor’s supervision. Your doctor will discuss your level of activity with you and recommend what is best for you.

Keep appointments. Follow up care can detect if cancer returns or is newly formed. Ask your doctor to explain things you do not understand. Also, inform your doctor of new changes or concerns. Sometimes you will need more testing. Diagnostic testing may include blood tests, x-rays, CT scan, endoscopy or bronchoscopy, or biopsy.

Attitude can play a significant role in recovery

If you need to talk, seek someone you can trust such as a close friend. If you are still dealing with your disease emotionally, speak with clergy or religious leaders. Laugh as much as possible. Enjoy the company of good friends and family. Your attitude can play a significant role in recovery. Most importantly, do not give up. Believe in yourself and celebrate your progress.

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