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Are you a loser?

The New Year has come and the holiday’s are over. Now is the time when most people will attempt to “get in shape”, as a part of their continued resolution.

If you have tried in the past to “trim down a bit” or to “get in shape” with little or no success, if you’ve started out with good intentions but for one reason or another you simply have not reached your goals, then my friend you are not a loser.

We all know what we need to do, the problem is just getting around to doing what needs to be done. Only you can determine if you are going to do anything about being a loser. If you are serious with yourself here are a few tips to help get you started and guide you along your way.

Do it now, determination today leads to success tomorrow. First, you will need to define for yourself what getting in shape� is for you. Be precise in setting your goals, never be vague about them, it’s a sure way to defeat. Secondly no matter what, you must make the time to attain your goals. If not, you are simply not being honest with yourself about your health, Remember, only you can determine if you are going to do anything about being a loser. Do what you can, but make the time.

Thirdly, set a realistic goal and be accountable. Get yourself a personal trainer who can evaluate your current fitness levels and help you set realistic goals by designing a custom fitness program for your specific body type and needs.

By making yourself accountable to someone, you will become a loser, and lose the weight that you’ve set as your goal. So ask yourself, are you a loser? Are you serious about your health and well being? With a personal trainer you are making an investment that will bring on results. Just as homeowners have an insurance policy to protect their home against damages, your personal trainer is your fitness insurance policy to protect you from injuries and from being distracted while reaching your personal fitness goals. With determination & accountability, you’ll become a loser in no time.

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